( MR, CP, Autism, Down, Syndrome, Learning, Disability, Multiple Disability)

Yash Special Education Foundation

The disabled person has the same right as the other human being to proper mental and physical care and such educational training, rehabilitation and guidance, as will enable him/her to develop his / her potential to the maximum.

The educational program me is adapted to the need of each child. The school conducts academic as well as non academic activities eg. Arts, Craft, Sports, Games, Domestic Skills and Vocational Skills.

Vision & Mission

The quality of life of every person with mental retardation is equal to other citizens in the country in that they live independently to the maximum possible extent.

Vocational training

To educate, train,psychiatry, behaviour modification, care, treatment and impart vocational training to the mentally handicapped persons.
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Speech therapy

To provide comprehensive rehabilitation services such as psychiatry, behaviour modification speech therapy, physiotherapy and medical treatment etc.
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Early Intervention Center

To construct permanent buildings for our school, vocational training centre Early Intervention Center and other related activities.

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